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In these uncertain times for the stock market, it would be a good idea to put a large portion of your money into bonds and dividend stocks. This plan will be a long-term investment for accumulating dividend money, and it will avoid the daily fluctuations of stocks in general. It will also be a capital preservation plan. You could allot another portion of your money to stock speculation, but the stocks listed in the table below should be held constantly unless a major bear market takes place. In the event of a large downturn, the stocks below could be sold temporarily until the market bottoms, or you could just hold onto them for income.
StockPriceDividend %
JNK is a high yield stock which basically follows the stock market. PFF is a solid yielding stock that does not vary much because it involves preferred dividend stocks. XLU is a utility stock ETF which is only a 3% yield, but you will get a capital gain of more than 10% during most years. AGNC is a volatile REIT stock which pays a high dividend. You may need to sell this stock at times when the price is falling to preserve your capital. Finally, TLT is the government long-term bond ETF which will give you a capital gain in some years in addition to a monthly distribution. TLT may need to be sold sometimes to preserve capital also, and the 50-day moving average lines should be watched for all dividend stocks. It probably won't cost too much in commissions to sell a stock when it drops below its 50-day price line, and then buy it back later.
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