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Everybody knows that you should not put all of your money on a single stock. Whatever can go wrong probably will happen. So, we need strict allocation plans across different sectors and different types of investments. Harry Brown wrote a famous book about such allocations. If I recall correctly, it was 25% gold, 25% bonds, 25% stocks, and 25% cash. Harry's strategy worked great for years.

However, times have changed since the 90s and early 2000s. Gold is basically dead now, and bonds are reportedly in a bubble worse than stocks. I still think people will buy long term government bonds (TLT) in a bear market, though. Anyway, we need to have a good allocation plan that will work in bull and bear markets. At my BooksAndStocks blog, I try to stay up with good asset allocation plans, and I have listed some of the best articles below so that you can follow the links and learn about plans that may work for you. I have also listed two super stocks to hold, but neither of these stocks should be more than 25% of your portfolio.
Dual Momentum ETFs -- A plan based on 10 popular ETFs with SHY being the cutoff.
XIV -- The #1 stock in the world to hold, and it works for trading, too.
AMBA -- Jim Cramer recommendation along with other portfolio allocations.
Sectors -- Use different sectors to time market entries and exits.
Market Top -- Strategies for making money when the market cannot go higher.
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