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2018 and the next few years will be very interesting under President Trump.  He knows a lot about running businesses, and he has an economics degree.  So, don't be fooled by the media when they try to paint Mr. Trump as naive on business or the stock market.  Whether you like the President or not, you need to understand his game plan in order to profit from stocks during his reign.


If we have a lot of stock market volatility, I like to trade long and short 3x stocks like the Nasdaq TQQQ and SQQQ.  I also like to do the same thing with the Dow and semiconductors, UDOW, SDOW, SOXL, and SOXS.


As for when the next bear market will start, nobody knows.  My guess is that it will occur when the 10 year bond interest rate has climbed to 4% or more.  Businesses and individuals will have a hard time borrowing money at that point because they will probably have to pay a much higher interest rate to get new money.  This will lead to a recession and a new bear market.


Two other stocks that I really like for trading are UGAZ and DGAZ, the 3x natural gas bull and bear stocks.  UGAZ will be popular when it gets really cold in the winter.  Then, on the other hand, you can easily make money in DGAZ if you buy at the low points in December and January because DGAZ postulates that the winters will be mild, and that will probably be right due to global warming.  You can predictably make double-digit returns in one to six weeks by trading DGAZ during this volatile period for natural gas.


I also like the gasoline ETF, UGA.  It typically goes up during the summer driving season or when oil prices are high.  Finally, I like the Japanese yen ETF, FXY. It will go up during volatile periods with U.S. stocks.


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