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This page will involve health information gathered from a variety of sources such as magazines, books, and newsletters. It will be small bits of information on various subjects.

Prevention magazine is an outstanding health magazine which has information in it every month that can improve a person's quality of life and longevity. The August 2013 edition had the following health tidbits:

P19 - Magnesium helps regulate blood pressure and decreases heart disease risk.

P19 - Coenzyme Q10 helps prevent LDL from building up on artery walls.

P19 - Horse chestnut reduces swelling and itching of varicose veins.

P70 - A sore back is often due to weak abs. Strengthen your abs to help your back.

P22 - Aspirin reduces the risk of melanoma.

P18 - Rhodiola helps with stress and increases energy.

P18 - SAMe helps deliver collagen building sulfur to cartilage.

P18 - Turmeric prevents the formation of brain plaques.
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