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The following table lists several stock investing books, and a description of each book is at the bottom of the page. The books also have a link to if you want to buy the book right away. Simply click on the book title in the table to go to
The Successful Investorby William O'Neil
Real Moneyby Jim Cramer
One Up On Wall Street by Peter Lynch
 Mad Moneyby Jim Cramer
24 Essential Lessons for Investment Successby William O'Neil
The Successful Investor was written by William O'Neil, the founder of Investor's Business Daily newspaper. His book discusses many techniques for buying and selling stocks so that a person wins most of the time. Numerous price charts are shown to explain how technical analysis can be used for buying and selling stocks at the right time. The book also has a table that lists how long it took for several well-known companies to grow muliple times in price. The time frame can be just two to three years in some cases for multiplying your money several times.

Real Money was written by Jim Cramer, co-founder of and host of the CNBC show called Mad Money. His book contains a lot of important information for being able to survive and to be successful in the stock market. For example, page 115 has a valuable diagram of the basic cycle that the market goes through as the interest rates rise and fall when the government adjusts them to fight either inflation or a recession. Jim also tells how to spot tops and bottoms in stocks you may want to buy. He also lists 25 rules for stock picking. This is a great book for learning which stocks to buy and for knowing where the pitfalls are while you are trying to make money in the stock market.

One Up On Wall Street was written by Peter Lynch, a former manager of the Magellan Fund at Fidelity. He was famous for making tenbaggers, buying stocks that went up ten times in price. His book tells investors how to do it. He also advocated holding onto a stock as long as the fundamentals were still good. Another technique that he talked about was buying and selling a good stock several times as the market goes up and down. He mentioned that making 30 percent on a stock six times equals more than a fourbagger in the money that is gained.

Mad Money is another book that was written by Jim Cramer. He talks a lot about his CNBC show Mad Money in the book so that you can understand what to expect if you watch the show. He explains things like how to pick stocks, when to sell them, how to understand a company's balance sheet, and pitfalls to avoid. He actually gives a sample balance sheet in the book to help investors understand what to look for. So, this book is a great way to start from zero as an investor and to learn your way to making a lot of money by applying the many lessons of the book.

24 Essential Lessons for Investment Success is another book that was written by William O'Neil. It is an outstanding book for understanding the safe way to buy and sell stocks. Many important technical analysis charts are also included in the book to help investors decipher the stock charts of companies they may want to buy. The book also discusses how to use Investor's Business Daily to achieve success in the stock market. William also discusses market tops and bottoms. This is another great book that can truly help investors understand and do well in the stock market.
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