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One question an investor needs to be asking all the time is whether or not he should be invested in the stock market during different periods of time. This is especially true if the market is involved in a big downturn. A person must protect his profits at all times. You could make a million dollars and lose almost all of it by making bad decisions. So, I have shown below a checklist of free information sources on the internet where a person could determine the true state of the economy and the likely direction of the stock market.

I have listed several links to federal government information like bonds and different views on how the economy is doing according to the Federal Reserve. Two stock indexes tell when you should sell your stocks and sit on the sidelines. Then, Calculated Risk is one of the best places on the internet to find housing and banking information along with outstanding charts of how various parts of the economy are doing.

Moreover, excellent stock information sources are also listed below such as Dividend Stocks, Low Risk Investing, and Seeking Alpha. You could spend hours or days at these websites collecting valuable information on different stocks.
StocksNYSE Summation Index
Sell when the index drops below the 50 day average.
BondsU.S. Treasury
Different bond prices and bond price history.
EconomyPhiladelphia Federal Reserve Manufacturing Index
Tells where the economy may be heading.
StocksS&P 100 Bullish Chart
Sell when the index drops below the 50 day average.
EconomySt. Louis Federal Reserve Stress Index
Sell stocks if the chart looks like past recessions.
EconomyInstitute for Supply Management
National manufacturing activity index.
Tells where the economy may be heading.
EconomyBaltic Dry Index
A measure of how world shipping is doing in price rates.
A low indication means trouble for global economic activity.
EconomySt. Louis Federal Reserve multiple statistics
Current unemployment rate and jobless claims.
Inflation rate and GDP estimates.
Many other economic indicators.
EconomyCalculated Risk website
Housing statistics.
Unemployment updates.
Weekly economic reports coming up.
Charts showing many economic factors.
Other important economic news.
StocksDividend Stocks website
A list of great dividend stocks in the left pane of the home page.
Ability to enter your own ticker symbols for yield results.
Dividend history is listed along with yields of different periods.
StocksLow Risk Investments website
Ability to enter your own ticker symbols for return results.
You can specify different lengths of time for results.
Searches show good and bad stocks for returns.
StocksSeeking Alpha
More than 100 professional stock market advisers.
Thousands of stock market commentators.
The macro world view of investing.
Dividend stock investing for income.
Long and short stock ideas.
EconomyChicago Fed National Activity Index
85 indicators of national economic activity.
Includes unemployment and hours worked for the employed.
Summary of sales, orders, and inventories.
Barometer for where the economy may be heading.
StocksMcClellan Oscillator
Shows whether stocks are overbought and due for a fall.
StocksDividend ETF
Long list of many ETFs that pay dividends across different sectors.
Buying dividend ETFs are safer than individual dividend stocks.
High yield list of ETF stocks.
REIT list of dividend ETFs.
Excellent free charts for your favorite stocks.
What's Hot list of the current best performing stocks.
Stocks making 52 week highs or lows.
Stocks SPY:AGG Stocks versus bonds.
 Gold versus IEF GLD:IEF
Inflation indexed bonds versus IEF  TIP:IEF
Dollar versus Euro  $USD:FXE
UGA Gasoline ETF. Low volume. Buy near 40.
$VIX Volatility index.
High yield bonds versus treasury bonds.
Key statistics at Yahoo (Facebook example)
LQD Corporate bond ETF. If it is not going down, stocks are safe.
PFF Preferred stocks ETF. 6% dividend plus stocks stability indicator.
XLU Utilities ETF. Bear market barometer. Stocks are okay if XLU is good.
YCS Short yen. Positive = S&P up. Negative = S&P down. 20 day line.
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