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Recommend this page on: is a great website to learn about charting and to see how different charts relate to the stock market. It is very important for investors to pay attention to technical charts about individual companies and the stock market in general. A regular investor will never know all the news about a company on the same level as the knowledge of the insiders. However, the price charts will always be a preview of what news is probably coming, whether it is good or bad.

All Star Charts has a search box on the right hand side where you can search for charts by subject matter. For example, I did a search for "vix" which brought up over two dozen entries about stock market volatility. One of my favorite charts on the website is "Tell Me Again, Why Can't VIX Go Lower From Here." It shows a chart of how the VIX volatility index got down to 10 in the past. In other words, you could lose a lot of money if you are always expecting the stock market to be volatile.
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