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Having a lineup of stocks ready for buying at bear market bottoms may be your best chance to get rich. It is very difficult to pick the next Apple in a bull market, but a bear market when it ends is like catching fish in a barrel. I have shown a list below of several stocks that will probably give you a gain of 100% or more at the start of a new bull market after the bear has done all the damage it can do.

I am very confident about this because I saw two men get rich where I work after the 2008-2009 bear market, and it only took them about five years to be able to retire. One man left with over $600,000 in his 401K plan, and the other man reportedly made more than one million dollars. Their secret was simply buying well-known stocks at bargain prices. Then, they patiently held on through all the volatility and even bought more shares on pullbacks. So, I know first-hand how they did it and the procedure for getting rich myself after the next bear market.
XIVThis is the inverse volatility index. The market will get more and more calm as people realize that the bear market is really over.
FBFacebook is the #1 social stock and it will keep growing.
DVYThis is a dividend ETF stock that will go up along with market and it gives you significant dividends while you hang on.
XLYThis is the consumer discretionary ETF, and people will be spending more money as the good times return.
SPXLThis is the triple long S&P 500 ETF.
TQQQThis is the triple long Nasdaq 100 ETF.
BIBThis is a double long biotech ETF.
XBIThis is the unleveraged biotech ETF.
XLVThis is the broad-based healthcare ETF, and baby boomers are retiring.
UDOWThis is the triple Dow 30 ETF.
MTUMThis is a momentum ETF which will capture gains from the best stocks.
XLKThis is the tech stocks ETF, and people will continue to buy phones and computers.
ITBThis is the housing construction ETF which will probably double in recovery.
CVTIThis is my favorite trucking company which will probably gain 500% or more from the bottom.
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