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Recommend this page on: is an excellent website for stock information, ETFs, market indicators, and futures. For example, $TRIN and $TICK are great indicators for showing the strength of a bull market while $NYMO reveals overbought and oversold conditions. If $TICK is over 1000, then we are in a great bull market. A reading of 100 would mean the market uptrend is weak.

Another great place to visit at is the Futures section. I do a lot of trading in oil and natural gas futures as well as stocks, and I need to know which way the trend is heading in the future for these commodities. You can make a lot of money or lose a lot of money trading based on futures. You should always take a small position first. Then, if the trade goes against you while the fundamentals are still good, you could take a second position. If things have really gone bad, and you have to sell, it will only be a small loss with just one position.
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