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The following table contains valuable stock market links that can show the general direction of the market or a particular sector. Click on the links of the table to go to charts or information sources that will help you in analyzing the market. Further explanations of some links are located at the bottom of the page.
$NYSINYSE Summation Index---An indicator of general market direction.
BDIBaltic Dry Index---An indicator of how shipping stocks are doing.
U.S. Treasury---Learn first-hand the government actions affecting stocks.
^HGXHousing Index---Home building is a main driver of the economy.
^BIXBanking Index---Many think that it is necessary for the market to advance.
$WTICWest Texas Intermediate Crude---The current standard price of oil.
$USTUU.S. Treasuries---A lot of buying here means no faith in stocks. place where you can see many institutional holdings.
The NYSE Summation Index is a composite of the whole market for practical purposes. If this index is going up, the good stocks in the market will most likely go up also. When, this index is going down, it is time to be out of the market or shorting it in some way.

The Baltic Dry Index is the standard not only for shipping stocks, but it is also a picture of world commerce. If the Baltic Index is down, emerging market stocks and many different country economies will be down, too.

Do you want to know which stocks great investors are holding like Warren Buffett and Ken Heebner? is the place to find out. Just click on the link in the table to go there.
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