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When the stock market is trading sideways or in a narrow trading range, it is a good idea to own high dividend stocks. Listed below are several good stocks that pay a dividend of 10% or greater each year. has an interesting table that shows how you can get to a million dollars eventually by owning dividend stocks and making more than 20% per year by holding SSO, a leveraged S&P 500 ETF, during six months out of the year and adding 8000 dollars per year along the way. If you want to see how, click here.

Teekay Tankers--ticker TNK pays around 10% in quarterly payments.

American Capital--AGNC pays a 16% dividend, and it is a REIT.

Annaly Capital Management--NLY pays around 13%. This is a mortgage company REIT.

Whiting---WHZ is an oil energy trust that pays a dividend of more than 14%.

The wonderful thing about these companies is that the dividends are fairly secure. We are always going to need more oil. Then, on Annaly and American Capital, as long as interest rates are low, they will be able to make money on mortgages.
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