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Fortunes have been made by investing in junior gold miners at the right time. This scenario is also still a possibility as long as gold remains around $1200 per ounce or lower. One speculative miner is Liberty Star Uranium and Metals (LBSR). They hold possible gold, copper, uranium, and rare earth materials in Arizona. I currently hold shares in the company. You need to perform your own diligence if you decide to invest in Liberty Star, but I have followed them for years.

A safer play is to buy Direxion's 3X Gold Miners ETF (NUGT) at various times. You could buy the stock between $8 and $9. Then, sell it between $12 and $14. I will be tracking NUGT intermittently in the table below for possible trading patterns. The current price limits may change to something else in the future, and I will try to decipher the new pattern at that time. As long as gold attracts investors, though, NUGT should be a stock worth trading. I will also be tracking the Euro (FXE) in the same table because it seems that gold and gold miners are in a bottom trading pattern when the Euro is not doing well. In other words, if the Euro is less than $130, NUGT will be volatile enough for significant trading spreads.
May 16, 20128.00126
June 5, 201213.43124
July 12, 20128.78121
July 24, 20128.11120
July 27, 20129.57122
August 10, 201210.66122
August 23, 201213.00125
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