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There are many websites that can help an investor to make wise choices in the stock market. This section of the website will be showing important places for doing research on the internet. The first website that I will be discussing is the St. Louis Fed. The Federal Reserve has great charts at this website which show what is happening in the economy. The stock market will most certainly be reacting to economic news.

A second website that I want to talk about is Calculated Risk. This is another great place for finding economic news. I especially like their graphs concerning home building.

A third important website concerns charting, Technical analysis matters a lot in stock market investing along with fundamentals. The charts can sometimes show things before the news is known on a certain stock. Charting also includes the great probability of something happening due to historical trends.

The following table lists other websites that I will eventually discuss on separate pages.
Money fund
Display chip
NYSE new highs/new
S&P 500
Global internet
Global Economic
Good dividend stock
Ratings on bonds, ETFs, and
Closed-end dividend
Prospect Capital. High
Global X Funds. High
Tortoise dividend
Warren Buffett's company.
Wilshire 5000 total market value.
Federal Reserve GNP statistic.
Popular SPDRs ETFs.
Guggenheim stock market views
Federal Reserve Assets
NYSE New highs-New
High yield vs. low yieldJNK versus TLT
S&P 500 vs. 30-year bondSPX versus USB
Dow Jones Bank IndexDJUSBK
Financials versus S&P 500XLF versus SPY
Vanguard Total Stock IndexVTI
Excellent mining
S&P versus aggregate bonds.SPX versus AGG -- Beware MACD trend changes.
S&P versus 20+year bond ETFSPX versus TLT
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