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America has discovered an abundance of natural gas in the past several years. We not only have plenty of natural gas for ourselves, but we have enough to export to other countries also. This will help the U.S. financially. Fracking along with horizontal drilling has made all the new natural gas supplies available.

Clean Energy, ticker symbol CLNE, is a natural gas infrastructure company that is building natural gas filling stations all across America. When a sufficient amount of gas stations have been built, the U.S. will be able to convert over to natural gas cars and trucks, and we will be on our way to energy independence. The January 2013 stock price of $13 per share could easily double in the next few years as the country adopts natural gas transportation.

Westport (WPRT) is an engineering company that designs and builds natural gas engines for cars and trucks. As trucking companies switch to natural gas transportation and as individuals convert to natural gas vehicles, Westport will be a company to own along with Clean Energy. Be aware that it will probably take several years for these new changes to take place.
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